I Love Dual-Use Products

Don’t you just love dual-use products? By dual-use I mean items that can be used for more than one thing. They may be designed in this way on purpose, and just by accident. This happens all the time when it comes to electronic products. Like a memory stick that’s also an ethernet stick. Or a DVD player that also doubles up as a cd player. Whenever I hear about new products like this I just can’t help but get excited.

In fact, I came across one the other day that took my interest. It’s a desk lamp that has more than one abilities. I’m sure you can guess what it’s first ability is. That’s right it lights up your desk. But can you guess what it’s other use is? I think it might take you a while so I’ll just go ahead and tell you. It has a usb port within it. This means you can harness the power of the lamp to charge up your phone, or a handheld media player. How cool is that? When I saw it I suddenly realised how simple it is but also how useful it would be to me.

lamp with usb

My computer has only one usb port, which can be very annoying at times when I inevitably have to plug more than one thing into my computer via usb. This desk lamp, solves that problem though. Since then, I bought the thing and set it up in my home. The USB slot gets regular use and the lamp lights up my workstation well, especially in the evening whenever I have to work late. Overall it was a great purchase. I’m not too sure whether you’ll be able to find these types of lights on the high street, so you’re best bet is to buy one online if you are interested.

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You Can Literally Buy Anything Online

Sometimes I’m simply astonished by the variety of things you can purchase online. From russian wives to celebrity hair, anything and everything is available online and mostly on one of the two massive commerce giants, amazon and eBay. I was chatting with some friends, and I thought it would be fun for me to talk to you about some of the weirdest and most bizarre items I have bought online recently.

Ok so here goes. As its coming up to summer a lot of these products are summer related. This leads me onto the first thing I bought recently. It was only recently that I ever heard of something called a meat thermometer. I’m not much of a cook, but I still knew that it was important, especially when cooking certain dishes to be able to measure and determine the particular temperature of a piece of meat. For instance, some dishes need to be served at a certain temperature for them to be just right. Also whilst cooking meat, it’s good to be able to know their exact temperature during the cooking, so you can be sure you are cooking it correctly.

As I said I wasn’t aware of this product until recently and simply had to buy one as soon as I heard you could find them pretty easily online. This is the meat thermometer I went for, and so far I have not been disappointed.

Apart from cooking meat on the barbecue, another thing that reminds me of summer is being able to spend time outside even as the sun is going down. I love having friends and family over and all huddling round a fire in the garden and roasting marshmallows as the day draws to a close. There is simply nothing better. Remembering this, I thought it would be cool to buy a fire pit for the next few months. I began looking on the web, and quickly discovered that you could buy many different novelty pits including one shaped as a pirate ship, which is the one I eventually bought. Who knew you could buy such a thing online!

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Is this music speaker just a craze or will it survive in the long term?

We welcome you back to Master Business Blogging. The place you now know to come to if you want the latest and best information on online business, and more primarily eCommerce. In today’s feature we will be looking into the rise of a recent type of product, namely bluetooth powered speaker systems, whether we think their popularity will falter with time, and we’ll also be reviewing one of these products too.

Firstly let’s talk about this new rise in products that are sold online that harness the technology of bluetooth. Bluetooth in many ways has made the lives of many people much easier, and spawned a new wave of products. It essentially eliminates the use of wires. One of it’s most common uses is portable music speakers. I.e. speakers that don’t actually have to be wired to the sound system, cd player or computer they previously would be plugged into.

singing in the shower

So for instance, with headphones this means you can roam around the house while listening to a cd being played in your cd player in your room upstairs. Or it means you can listen to your favourite songs in the shower. In fact, many people have designed waterproof speakers that are made for just this. This brings us on to the second part of this article. We thought it would be quite fun to try out one of these products and review it so you can hear our personal opinion.

We ended up buying a bluetooth shower speaker because I really liked the idea of listening to some great tunes in the shower or bath. Usually I have to sing in the shower to keep myself busy, and trust me my family don’t love me for it!

The speaker itself is really cool. It has a great design and a really nice crisp sound to it that I haven’t experienced with previous speakers I have owned. There are so many other things that bluetooth technology has the power to do too, far too many for me to go over within this feature. If you want to learn more though you can follow the link I have created above.

The End of an Era

This is master business blogging – A place where I’ll be providing you with all the latest and greatest news from the world of eCommerce. I used to contribute to a number of blogs, but decided it was time to go it alone, and create something by myself. This is the result. I hope with time, you really come to appreciate the blog. Only time will tell I guess!